Sunday, February 10, 2013

Movie Review - Seven Psychopaths

This is the first movie that I have seen where the name is exactly what the movie is about.  The film is Seven Psychopaths.  The premise is quite simple, everyone in this movie has issues.

The acting in this film is really exceptional.  Christopher Walken, is a psychopath in every role he has ever played, so he is perfect for this movie.  Christopher Walken plays Hans.  Hans seems like another ordinary guy when we meet him, with the exception that he is a dog kidnapper.  Although as the film unfolds you start to learn more about Hans and his troubled past.

Collin Farrell plays Marty, Marty is an alcoholic writer who is struggling to keep his relationship with his girlfriend.  Marty is writing a screenplay called Seven Psychopaths.  His best friend Billy is trying his worst helping Marty to finish his screenplay.

Sam Rockwell plays Billy.  Billy who turns out is the real protagonist of the movie.  He is like that one annoying guy you sometimes hang out with who doesn't have the best social skills and always has awkward things to say.  He means well but is a bit misguided, and as the film progresses you find out how misguided he really is.

As Marty discusses the screenplay there are cut-scenes that play out his narrative.  It is a clever device used in the film to progress the story line.  The film does a wonderful job of taking the stereotypical action, tough guy movie and changing it up a bit.  There were many scenes where you think you know what is coming, but it doesn't work out quite the way you expected.  The film is very well written, and keeps you guessing all the way up to the end.  Speaking of the ending is was a surprisingly good ending for a movie of this nature.  In the end the characters get run through the ringer, but they learn from these experiences.

There are some really great sets in this film as well and the cinematography is nothing short of stunning.  The scenes filmed in the desert are almost like moving artwork.  The special effects are pretty good, even though there are some that are a bit cheesy.  Of course the cheesy effects are done that way on purpose, to illustrate a point.  Overall it was very well produced and filmed.  It was very fun to watch with pretty scenes and interesting characters, all written so wonderfully dysfunctional.

This film is fairly graphic, but it isn't for mere shock value, it is needed to tell the story.  There are a few scenes where the film flashes back to tell someone's story which get a touch disturbing.  Despite these scenes it is still very enjoyable to watch.  If you are a fan of movies that make you think a little bit, and blood and guts doesn't upset you too much, I would highly recommend this film for your viewing pleasure.

Overall this film was excellent, with a few minor bumps in the road along the way.  I am going to give this film four smiley Mike heads for originality and great acting.

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