Sunday, August 26, 2012

Movie Review - I AM NUMBER FOUR

This was a very cool movie.  The movie this time is "I am Number Four".  IMDB - Post

I knew it look superheroie but I wasn't really sure what it was about from the previews.  I did however know that I wanted to watch it.  I must say I was not disappointed with the film.

We start this movie almost like a teen drama with the popular kid in a beach town hanging out with his friends.  We quickly change the pace when a strange incident occurs to the main character of the film.  John Smith played by Alex Pettyfer then is told by his guardian Henri that he needs to pack his things they are moving out of town.  Alex does a great job portraying the teen full of angst and energy.

We quickly find out that John is not like other kids his age.  He has a special gift and will one day grow up to be humanity's savior.  Henri as played by Timothy Olyphant is John's protector from the force that wants to kill him.  Timothy is a seasoned actor who typically plays bad guys, but he does a great job as the hard nosed parental figure in this film.

The film really starts to get interesting when they start to get settled into their new place in Paradise, OH.  John transfers to a new school and then meets Sam.  Sam as played by Callan McAuliffe is the odd kid at school that everyone picks on.  A geek that is into UFO's and aliens.  We later learn that his dad went missing when in search of UFO's.

John also meets a mysterious girl with a camera Sara Hart.  Sara as played by Dianna Agron is really quite outgoing but doesn't have very many friends.  She shows John around the school and they have instant chemistry.  

As the movie progresses we start to see some really cool special effects.  Compared to some films these effects blend in well with the story.  There is never a part in the film where you feel like they added an explosion just to kick it up a notch.

The acting in this film is actually quite good, a nod to the actors in the film.  This is the kind of movie that I am a sucker for so perhaps my opinion is a bit skewed.  However I would highly recommend this film to anyone who like action movie and a well laid out and paced story line.

I rate this film five out of five smiley Mike heads.

The movie was simply well written, paced really well and the special effects were amazing.

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