Sunday, August 26, 2012

Movie Review - Wild Target

This film had some of the best music I have heard in a film.  This is not to say that this film has better music than originally scored music in other films.  What I do think however is for having commercial music they did an amazing job is paired it with what was happening in the film.  The film is Wild Target IMDB - Post.

Of course the music is the first thing I noticed, but the film itself is nothing if not quirky.  In the end I have to say that I really liked this film.

Wild Target stars Bill Nighy (Not the science guy) as Victor Maynard infamous hit man.  Bill Nighy is actually one of my favorite actors.  He is perfectly capable of playing the bad guy or the good guy or just another guy.  Perhaps his most memorable role is Davey Jones from the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean.  Another of his roles that I love is Viktor from the Underworld series of films.

Victor Maynard is hired to kill Rose, a thief that is a bit on the crazy side.  Rose is played by Emily Blunt, who brings a really fun and bubbly personality to the part of Rose.  Rose has conned a very important and powerful man out of $900,000 by selling him a fake Rembrandt painting.  The man of course finds out that he has been swindled and takes out a contract on her.

After following Rose and being unable to successfully kill her Victor follows her and finds himself intrigued by her.  He is ultra stuffy and repressed, emotionless killer.  Rose is a carefree, and doesn't play by societies rules.  Victor had never seen anyone like her and gets confused by her.  There is a scene where he is trying to kill her in a parking garage when another party wanders in and attempts the hit instead.

Victor not having figured out his feelings for her jumps into action and kills her would be killers.  While he is trying to do something about the man he just killed he gets jumped by another man with a gun.  He had Victor and Rose up against the wall when out of nowhere he is saved by freaking Ronald Weasley.  Oh wait I meant to say Tony, who is played by Rupert Grint.  Rupert of course is famous for playing Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

Tony is a bit of a stoner type and not much different than Ronald Weasley.  Tony not really meaning to shoots the would be assailant in the arm.  Victor admiring Tony's great luck and raw skill makes a decision to not kill him.  He ends up in a car with Rose and Tony and people are shooting at him.  It is really quite comical who professional Victor is and how NOT the other two are.

As the three main characters spend more time together they really start to act like a horribly dysfunctional family.  It is truly amusing to watch.

The costumes in the film are very well made and appropriately chosen for each character.  Victor in his professionally tailored suits and Rose in her flamboyant and exciting clothing.  They have really put some serious thought into costumes.

Also as I have hinted at the acting is nothing short of amazing.  Everyone does quite well playing their parts in this film.  The cinematography is excellent as well, there are some really great shots in the film.

This movie while seeming like a serious movie is really quite comical.  It isn't a farcical movie like a Scary Movie or a Hot Shots but it takes the action movie genre and adds quite a bit of humor.

If you like action movies that aren't too serious then this one is for you.

I give this film five out of five smiley mike heads.

The wit coupled with the acting makes this movie great fun to watch.

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