Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movie Review - Rock Slyde

Cheese, Cheese, Cheesy.  Don't expect anything from this movie and you will get what you expect.  The movie of course is Rock Slyde Private Eye.  IMDB - Post.

The film is worth seeing if for no other reason for the gay musical porn sequence with Patrick Warburton.  Although I'm getting ahead of myself, I must back up.

This movie is patterned after the detective movies of the 30's and 40's.  It starts off in black and white and then quickly moves to color.  I don't typically mention actors in my reviews however Patrick Warburton is amazing in this film.  The character Rock Slyde truly has no redeeming qualities, he is very clueless and awkward, which Patrick Warburton plays exceptionally well.  They really did cast this movie beautifully, of course I'm getting ahead of myself, again.

It seems like an ordinary detective film, we even have a damsel in distress, even if she is a bit on the crazy side.  We find out and Rock is very dim witted but keen on certain details.  The character of Rock Slyde reminds me a bit of Inspector Gadget from the 80's cartoon show.

Rock is very uncoordinated and doesn't work hard to solve the crimes, he just gets lucky.  His arch nemesis of the film Bart, as played by Andy Dick, is the most stereotypical bad spiritual leader you could possibly imagine.  His religion/cult is called Bartology which smacks of Scientology.  I believe they did on purpose though. Andy Dick plays this part very well, the over the top, egotistical, self absorbed, cult leader.  Who is clearly in it for the money and the fame.  He has no ambition to actually make peoples lives better.

Our damsel in distress is Sara, played by Rena Sofer, hires Rock to find out who is following her.  She then falls for Rock and helps him to solve his own mystery of his missing secretary.  Lets just hope that James Spader hasn't gotten a hold of her.  Oh wait that is an entirely different secretary, never mind forget I said anything.

I have to admit that this movie did indeed make me laugh.  I'm not typically much for the cheap, cheesy, humor but something about this film amused me.  It was undoubtedly low budget, but done fairly well for being so.  There are moments when this seems like a serious film but you are reminded it is a satire in the next few moments.  Never quite as poorly written and campy as a movie like Vampires Suck, it is still done in almost this same style.

It is definitely original in its story and execution.  I have never seen anything quite like it before, especially with the gay musical porn sequence.  Patrick plays the captain of the Jolly Roger and he is singing.  The song is about what to do with your man junk, and getting on your knees.  This bit is surprisingly funny and thankfully they share the rest of the bit in its entirety at the end of the movie.

Gay musical porn aside I have to say this film was worth the time it took to watch it.  I would highly recommend this film if you like silly comedies, or even cheesy detective movies.

I rate this three smiley Mike heads for no make that three and a half smiley Mike heads.

Gay musical porn alone is totally worth an half a smiley Mike head.  I just can't rate a movie like this higher since its really just a fluff piece.

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