Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Review - Legion

Tonight's movie is Legion IMDB - Post

This is not my typical movie that I would watch.  However I remember watching the previews thinking is something about this movie that I want to see it.  I am glad that I listened to myself, I finally got around to renting it.  This is actually a very well done movie I enjoyed it.

We start off meeting the Archangel Michael who dramatically cuts off his wings and then proceeds to kick ass and take names.  We then flash to an innocent gas station/diner in the middle of the desert.  This is where we meet Bob, Jeep, and Charlie, the other important characters of the movie.

It is at this gas station where we have a really great scene.  An old lady with a walker comes into the diner, she is really nice and sweet, at first.  She then gets really rude and crude and proceeds to bite someone's jugular vein out of their neck and wreak some major havoc on the diner.

As they are dumping Granny's body they happen across Michael who tells them there are many more of the things like Granny on the way.  This is were things really pick up, it starts to feel like an old school zombie movie at this point.  Lots of shooting and exploding zombies, oh wait possessed people, not zombies.

The special effects are second to none, they really went all out.  The makeup artists really did a good job as well.  The zombie like people look great, that is if it's not all just CGI and actual makeup.  There were lots of guns and some cool explosions.  They were not over the top with the explosions though.  That can be a bit annoying in  movie when things blow up, just for the sake of blowing up.

I rate this movie four out of five smiley Mike heads.  This just isn't the type of movie that I typically watch, if it was then perhaps I would have come off another half or whole smiley Mike head.

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