Friday, July 6, 2012

Movie Review - Tenure

I watched this odd little film called Tenure this evening.  IMDB Post

This film follows the life of Charlie Thurber, an awkward English teacher at Grey University who is up for Tenure, hence the name of the movie.  He has sort of been coasting through life as a teacher being declined Tenure at two universities, Grey is sort of his last chance to make his father proud.

Charlie's father, William Thurber, was a Tenured English Professor at Harvard University.  We find William in an adult foster care facility because he wandered away from home and Charlie's overbearing sister is certain that he has Alzheimer's disease.

This movie was hard to watch at moments, Charlie is really very down, and has the worst friend in Jay Hadley who is obsessed with finding Bigfoot.  Jay continuously is trying to get Charlie into trouble in  search of fun times.

There is a scene when this very grumpy teacher who happens to be Charlie's boss walks into the faculty lounge and flatly accuses Charlie of peeing on the toilet seat.  She is ruthless and he is very meek, in his disagreeing with her.  It was very uncomfortable for me to watch but perhaps this might be funny to other people.  I could certainly see a bit of humor in this.  However it was mostly just uncomfortable for me.  There are quite a few other scenes like this in the film so if this is your type of humor then this film is for you.

I definitely loved the soundtrack I felt it fit perfectly with the theme of the film.   The costumes were spot on and the effects were very few however done quite well.

As I have always said that an ending can make or break a movie for me.  I found this film's ending to be quite satisfying.  You see Charlie take some steps in the middle of the film to make himself look more appealing for his shot at tenure.  These actions ultimately help to make him a better person at the end of the movie.  It's nice to know that in the movies one can indeed better themselves and still have a happy ending.

I particularly like how they keep you guessing right up until the very end of the movie, as I said it turns out very well indeed.

I rate this movie three and a half smiley Mike heads.

I perhaps would have given it 3 smiley Mike heads, however the ending alone was worth the extra half a head.  I would certainly put this on your watch list just in the middle somewhere.

As always thanks for reading, feel free to share your impressions of my review below.

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