Thursday, July 19, 2012

Movie Review - Wall-E

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if Wal-Mart ruled the world?  IMDB - Post I think this movie pretty much answers that question.  Although I can't only blame the retail giant that Buy N Large is obviously based on.  No, humanity is mostly to blame sadly  in this film.

Wall-E takes place on Earth in the distant future where we (humans) have managed to screw up our earth so bad we had to move out.  We are suppose to hang out in these space ships for a few years while the Wall-E's all clean up earth and then we come back to a spotless planet all happy and green.  The only problem is that somewhere along the way we had forgotten where we came from.

I can't say as I blame them, what with the robots to wait on you and take care of your every need who could remember something as insignificant as earth.  I think that this is a great cautionary tale to help us remember to be green and conserve what we can while we can.

There are some really wonderfully created scenes in the film, especially noteworthy is the scene where Wall-E and Eve are flying together in space.  It's beautiful to see the Aerial display that the two put on, this is a great scene that is really cool.  The scenes where eve's rocket ship lands and takes off are some really great scenes as well.  Special effects are great, and the whole movie really makes you feel like you are viewing these two robots go about their lives.

There is something interesting to see about the differences of the people and the robots in the film.  In many ways the humans are acting like robots and the robots act very much like humans.  Perhaps this was intentional given the subject matter of this movie.

Overall it was a good movie.  There is a scene where some traumatic things happen late in the movie which I could have done without though.  I suppose this is the nature of Disney though.  They are great at bringing you to great heights but only because they take you to great lows first.  Really Bambi, mom gets killed, Nemo, his entire family gets eaten but his dad, and the list goes on.

As I'm sure you know by now, I am all about endings making or breaking the movie.  This movie is no exception to that rule, I have to say I was pretty happy with the way this movie turns out.  Is humanity holding hands in a field of flowers singing drinking coke, not exactly.  However you can see that they are starting to get it and perhaps the world might actually be a better place when they are finished.

I give this movie four out of five smiley Mike heads.

Perhaps if they would have left out a bit of the drama at the end I might have given it five smiley Mike heads.

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