Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday nights movie, was called Outlander

With Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest) and Sophia Myles (Moonlight) there were several other well know actors in this movie including Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and John Hurt (Harry Potter:Olivander). Oddly enough John Hurt was also in Hellboy with Ron Perlman.

I have to say the description on the box was fairly accurate, Beowulf meets Predator. It was very well scripted though and the lines never felt forced or cheesy. You could really tell that they spent money on the special effects too. However none of the explosions were over the top and all of the effects were used to help tell the story. There was no shock and awe that some big budget films have. You know where they blow stuff up just to blow stuff up.

The basic premise revolves around a space ship crashing on 709 AD earth in Viking ruled Norway. The space ship was carrying a creature which gets loose in the crash and ends up eating everyone. I know you are screaming Aliens or Predator but really this is much better then both of those. Sure it's gory and bloody but it has much more heart and feel good then either of those movies.

I was really impressed as a whole, the sets were beautiful and so was the creature. They also did a great job of explaining why the creature was so pissed off and killing everyone. You don't often get both sides of the story in movies of this genre.

If half of the Sci-Fi films made were produced this well I would have a lot more good movies to watch. Thankfully it wasn't made by SyFy channel then it would have simply been Sharktopus or any of the other numerous pieces of crap that they have churned out. Or even Snakes on a Plane, but at least that move gave us a really memorable line. "I am sick of these motherf&*king snakes on this motherf&*king plane".

I will admit that I didn't have high expectations going into this movie however I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like blood and gore and fantasy movies then this is a must see film. The more I think about this I realize they took and combined two of my favorite movie genre's Fantasy and Sci-Fi, genius.

I rate this movie Five our of Five smiley Mike heads.

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