Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tonight's movie is apparently a made for TV movie. after watching it I'm pretty sure it was made by the British equivalent of Hallmark.  You know, one of those movies where it isn't over until you are crying your eyes out and have gone through a box of tissues.

So the story revolves around a family who has a preteen boy who is in school and his mother is pregnant.  The father works too much and they fight way too much.  They move to a new bigger home that is run down.  The boy then finds a hobo living in the run down shack in the back yard.

He befriends the hobo even though he looks like he very much wants to eat the boy.  The hobo also makes all kinds of disgusting noises and eats gross things like slugs.  For more than half the movie he tries to help the hobo feel better.  This is because he is collapsed in a heap and refuses to move.

His mother has the baby only to find out she is sick and needs surgery.  I will warn you I am about to spoil this movie for anyone who wants to actually watch this emotional wreck.  The boy rescues the hobo from a fire burns his hand only to find out that the hobo can heal people.  So now three quarters of the way through the movie we find out the plot.

So for the sake of making the movie that much longer, hobo refuses to heal his baby sister for about 20 more minutes.  Until the kids throws himself off a tower to dare hobo into rescuing him.  I suppose it would be helpful at this point to let you know that hobo has wings.  He is of course "Owl Man", but no mask and tights, of course that would have made it more interesting.

The acting was good despite the super drama level.  Sets were good and the special effect were kept to a minimum and were done well.  It's better then the other piece of drivel I rented "The Mystical Adventures Billy Owens" which were not mystical or adventure like.

I give this movie two and a half out of five smiley Mike heads.

I might have given it three for all the positives I listed, escept I had to take away at least a half.  This due to the fact that this movie was created to be nothing better than a tear fest.  You know the type of movie to which I am referring.  It is somehow supposed to make you feel all uplifted and fuzzy but in the end just makes you sad and tired.
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