Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review - Emperor Mollusk vs. The Sinister Brain

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I have done movie reviews quite a bit lately so I figured what the heck I can do a book review, right? Sure why the heck not. Today's book is Emperor Mollusk vs The Sinister Brain by A Lee Martinez Barnes&Nobel Post

In one phrase I would describe this book as Sci-Fi at it's best. Even the title screams eccentric, mad cap adventures. This book actually seems a bit less funny than previous books by this author, but it was still very amusing. I don't recall any scenes in this book that made me laugh out loud but it was extremely entertaining.

There were times I found myself having to pause to take in the truly enthralling nature of the scene that I just read. I'm sure there was more than one time where I neglected to realize the amusing nature of something that I had just read. I chalk that up to ADD, and two young children running around the house pretending to have death rays of their own destroying everything in their path.

I have to admit though some of my favorite things in this book were the gadgets that Emperor Mollusk creates. Martinez has a true gift for coming up with ridiculous yet technical sounding names for all these great gadgets.

The book also has some very strong characters. Of course we have Emperor Mollusk himself, self proclaimed Warlord or Terra. He is a mollusk from the planet of Neptune who rides around in an robotic exoskeleton. He is just entirely too smart for his own good. This of course is a great source for many of the mad cap adventures that I mentioned previously. He is a bit of a self centered pompous overlord but he had a very good heart.

Perhaps my favorite character of the book Zala. She is a reptile like creature and commander in the Venusian army. She starts off way too lawful good for my liking. However as the book progresses you get to see her develop into something more than a simple army commander.

And who can forget Snarg the lovable "pet" of Emperor Mollusk. Snarg is a genetically altered giant centipede that acts more like a dog then a centipede.

This book actually left me with a huge smile as the ending was absolutely perfect. It just felt right considering the events that played out in the book.

If you are looking for a great book to read and you like funny Sci-Fi or fantasy, I highly recommend this book for you.

I give this four and a half out of five smiley Mike heads.

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