Friday, June 8, 2012

Tonight's movie adventure was called "Red Werewolf Hunter"

To start with you can definitely tell that this was a low budget movie. It wasn't so low budget where no one can act and ever special effect looked like my 4 year old created it on his VTech. However the fact that they had only 4 sets they kept revisiting was a bit of a tell.

The movie stars Felicia Day whom anyone who watches videos on the Internet knows from both Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and The Guild. Who knew she could actually act in a dramatic role.

Essentially Felicia's character Virgina is bringing her fiancée to meet the family. Then we find out her family hunts Werewolves for a living. Oh yeah honey I forgot to tell you Werewolves do exist and I blow their heads off. This is a Mike quote and not a movie quote by the way. Shortly into the movie her fiancée has an encounter with a werewolf and things start to get interesting. Well interesting might be a bit of a stretch, this movie has its moments but as a whole I can't help but find it lacking.

There are some really great, (well good, great is a bit of an exaggeration) moments. There is some pretty good acting, the lines are fairly well written overall and it was amusing to watch. There was definitely some excellent weaponry, cool costumes and decent special effects.

I can't help but focus on some of the bad points of the movie though. The fact that a werewolf just happens to get open a cell door that is reinforced and meant to hold in werewolves, REALLY, hangs head in disappointment. SPOILER ALERT The fact that almost everyone in the movie dies. I really, really, hate those types of movies.

I guess I naively think that we are supposed to learn something from a movie. I like to watch the main character grow from his experience in the movie. Although sometimes it is simply fun to watch the main character blow shit up and kick ass. But if no one is alive at the end what is the point, really.

Also what is with the sad, dramatic endings. This movie could have been 5-10 minutes shorter and had a much better ending. But no they had to create the brooding hate filled back story for the main character. Do we as Americans really hate happy endings that much. Grrrrrr.

I am glad I watched this movie though, it is always fun to see Felicia Day too. The other actors were good as well, and if you don't expect too much from your movies I would recommend this one to you. Of course not a movie for the kiddies, but that seems pretty obvious.

I give this movie three out of five smiley Mike heads.

I will just say this though if this family was as stupid as they are in this movie its amazing they weren't wiped out a hundred years ago. As always thanks for reading.

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