Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movie Review - Bomb Squad

Well this time I hit the jackpot of bad, with this movie choice.  The movie I, attempted to watch was called Bomb Squad.  IMDB - Post

So the premise of this movie is a little bit fuzzy for me.  We have people with super powers breaking into a facility to steal something.  Not sure what they were stealing or who they were working for.  What I am sure of is the really bad special effects and even worse acting.  This was hard to sit through and I ended up falling asleep about a half hour into the movie.  I woke up about half an hour later and it had not gotten any better so I simply shut it off.

I have stayed up until 1 or even 2 am watching movies and writing the reviews, however this movie put me to sleep at 11:00.  I think that says something about the quality of this movie all by itself.  I am unfortunately a sucker for super hero movie, however I would not classify this one as a super hero movie.

 I think my first warning that this movie was about to waste 2 hours of my life came at the beginning credits.  The movie was directed, written, produced, and scored by the same person.  I believe that this was a student film released to the public, and if I am correct about that then I would say good effort.  However I hope your next film gets better.

As I said the acting was pretty bad, especially by younger actors.  A few of the adults in the movie were not half bad but the kids in this movie were awful.

I never did finished watching this movie but I doubt it would have gotten any better.  If you really like bad Sci-Fi movies I would recommend it to you, but otherwise avoid this one.

I would rate this movie at one and a half smiley Mike heads.  I just can't quite be mean enough to give it one frowning Mike head.

Bad acting, obscure plot, terrible special effects, just not worth it.

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