Sunday, June 3, 2012

Movie Review: Tonight's film was Paper Man

I have to admit going into this movie I was expecting a fluff piece. Looking at the cover of the movie it seemed very silly and almost a comedy. I have to admit that it was very funny, although a bit uncomfortable but I am getting ahead of myself.

Paper Man stars Jeff Daniels as Richard a writer who is trying to write his latest book at an out of the way cabin. His wife Claire played by Lisa Kudrow is a prominent doctor who drives Richard out to the cabin so he can write his book. She makes appearances throughout the movie to check in on Richard.

Ryan Reynolds plays Capitan Excellent who is Richard's imaginary friend from his childhood. His performance is nothing short of amazing in this role. He is constantly taunting Richard and pointing out his bad decisions.

The movie really starts when Richard rides a children sized bike into the town. He sees Abby played by Emma Stone setting fire to a trash can. He awkwardly puts it out with his coat and decides to follow her on his bike. Pressed for a reason why he is following her he asks her to babysit for a child he doesn't have.

The rest of the film is full of funny and awkward moments, the music is great if you like Indie music. The acting is wonderful and the writing is just short of amazing. They deal with some hard issues and you find that neither Abby nor Richard are short of their flaws. The whole thing falls down around Richard in the end, but it has a great ending that makes you feel good about the two hours you just invested in the movie.

If you are looking for a movie that will make you feel something then I highly recommend this one. It made me laugh, and it almost made me cry.

I rate this movie five out of five smiley mike heads.

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