Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tonight's movie was John Carter. Seeing the previews for this movie made me really want to watch it.

I have to admit it was rather fun to watch. It was almost Steampunk in a way, the ships in the movie were very high tech meets primitive. The story was very complex and the acting was pretty good as well. I feel like the story was almost too complex to truly be understood in one viewing.

We start the file with John Carter trying to get supplies to mine for gold in his newly discovered gold mine. He has quite the attitude about pretty much everything. It takes quite a while before you give a crap about John Carter, because of his attitude. He angers the wrong people gets in some trouble, running from the trouble he gets into more trouble only to find this cave and strange object. Next thing he knows he isn't in Virgina any more.

You can tell that this was a big budget film with lots of special effects. This made it very fun and pretty to watch. However it feels like they tried to cram too much into the movie and none of it really gets explained or fleshed out really well. This would have made a great TV series or even an excellent roleplaying system. However as a movie goes it felt very compressed, I have to say I was expecting more from this film.

Because of the disconnected feeling from the story lines and the randomness of some of the scenes I have to rate this film lower than I would like.

I rate this film three out of five smiley Mike heads.

Worth watching just don't be distracted you will miss things, lots of things.

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