Sunday, June 10, 2012

Movie Review - Fright Night (2012)

Movie Review: So I was flat out told that I had to get the new Fright Night. I am glad that I listened, it was awesome. Post

This movie was updated brilliantly for the new millennium. Yes it was scary but it had just enough humor that it wasn't too intense. So lets start at the beginning shall we. What do you do when your new neighbor turns out to be a Vampire? Stake him of course, but wait I'm getting ahead of myself.

I know this is the part where I'm supposed to rip on the movie, however I really have no issues with this movie. The music was superbly done, special effects were used appropriately and the scenes were shot beautifully.

I particularly like one of the scenes at the beginning of the movie where this kid is hiding under the bed from the Vampire. He grabs a gun but it has a gun lock on it. He reaches next to him to his dead father's pocket to get the keys. As he turns away the camera under the bed shows his father being pulled away. He then turns to see him gone, pause a moment, then, well you are going to have to watch it to see how the scene ends.

Needless to say it was very well written and was true to the original while adding more modern twists. I really wanted to get the original as well however it was out at the video store.

Even if you don't typically like scary movies I would still suggest you watch it. It is rather amusing.  Yes my friend who insisted I rent this, David Tennant is amazing in this movie.

I give this movie five out of five smiley Mike heads.

It is a great tribute to the original movie, I highly enjoyed it.

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